Make Your Resolutions Stick

Make Your Resolutions Stick

January 11, 2024

that can have a positive impact. Identify and eliminate barriers that get in the way. Gather support from family and friends.

Action: implementation

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step toward the new you. Many people like to choose a specific date and time to begin the action stage. That helps make it a commitment in our minds.

Now you have to keep at it until your actions become routine behavior. According to the researchers, the action stage can last for a few months before a new routine or habit is created.

Maintenance: You’re sticking to the plan and making the change a habit

At this stage, you need to continue to avoid slipups or falling back into bad habits. If you do, you may need to work back up to this stage.

Don’t get discouraged. It’s common for people to have to repeat some of these stages multiple times before finally achieving their goals. Know your temptations, and keep at it until it sticks.

Good luck with a happier new year!