What is Your Exit Strategy

Some entrepreneurs want to build and sell as their exit strategy. Others want to bring in family members as part of their succession plan.

Business owners, professionals, and executives may want to build something new, focus on philanthropy, or spend their time on new learning, adventure travel, mentoring, writing that book, golf, or a myriad of pursuits.

Executive Comp

Executive Comp

If you are a business owner with stable annual cash flow, we can help you create non-qualified benefit plans for owners and key employees. If you own your business alone (or with a spouse) and have no other employees, we can help you structure a Solo 401(k) plan to maximize annual contributions to traditional and Roth accounts.

If you are a professional or executive employee with access to various employee benefit plans, we can help you make wise choices in how you fund them and how you access them.

Client Centered

Start With the End in Mind

It takes a lot of time and energy to create and build a career or a business. How much effort have you devoted to planning your succession or exit strategy? Will you eventually want to transfer your business to partners, to employees, to family members, or to a financial or strategic buyer? We can help you think it through, identify obstacles, and locate resources to develop a path forward. It’s never too early to begin thinking about and designing your succession and exit strategy.

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